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I bought a new pair hearing aid Widex Moment


This Saturday I had a hearing test and got new hearing aids. My choice of providers is limited and they will be provided by Nation's Hearing. The suppliers I can use prefer Phonak because that's where their experience comes from. However, the tech/audiologist said that if I went with Widex, she would be on the phone with them during tuning. I'm limited to $2000 per ear, so not sure how good a Widex product can be at that price, at least it won't be an Eargo.

a new pair hearing aids Widex Moment-2.jpg

I applaud her honesty. She pretty much told me she doesn't know how to adjust widex, so now the question is how important it is to me.

Long before Covid, attendance at live shows had vanished. Preferred music is classical (no opera) and jazz. I'm slowly starting to program myself and tweaking existing music routines, but am happy to accumulate good strategic information.

The last HA I bought was a Costco KS10 (similar to Phonak Paradise); the music program can be pretty bad, especially the piano music, but also the violin and flute, they all have different overtone patterns, hopefully I'll get an audiologist this time , so I can adjust it myself, I live in this body after all.

I narrowed it down to Oticon OPN1, Widex Beyond and Widex Dream. But now I see there is a Widex model called Moment. I went to the Widex website hoping to find some information comparing the various models, but was the most disappointing. On top of that, some (all?) of their auxiliary devices seem to work with iphones but not androids, but I have an android, so bluetooth probably won't work, definitely a deal breaker. The Widex seems to have better bluetooth sound. Their AI/ML also seems to be the best, maybe the only one with ML.

Well, that deadline has passed. From what I understand, this is an excellent HA, and after I demoed several other HAs, I was also advised to use Widex by experts because I have tinnitus. The tinnitus program worked in about 60% of users and didn't do anything for me.

I tried to get used to the Widex Moment and it was very comfortable. So I ended up going with Widex Moment, and I'm listening to it now, and it works just fine.